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The shortest way to yourself is around the world. R.Hoffmann

You should be able to meet the following requirements as far as possible, as they are seen as a basis for your future customers and present the best chance to get orders.

escort werden casting
  • You are able to organise the time with your customers as diverse as possible and you are interested to indulge in erotic moments?
  • You are even-tempered and able to adapt yourself to different situations as well as to differing characters/age/appearance of your Clients?
  • You are attractive and athletically slender (clothes size XS/S) from 18 to 40 years of age?
  • You are (beyond your main profession) flexible as to time and place and not subject to noticeable time constraints because of your private activities?
  • You have a good taste - you are interested in fashion and able to meet high standards. You posses impeccable manners.
  • You have a good educational background & You are fluent in English and posses at least a good command/good working knowledge in German or other language?
  • You are also interested to take orders from other cities/countries and happy to be a travel companion?
  • You are living in Europe (Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and so on)  or the Greater London Area?

If this was an apt description of yourself, then you are just a few steps away to successfully complete a listing. PLE liaises self-employed Escort Ladies with customers. I organise your marketing, make contact with selected customers and -upon request- take over the organisation and coordination of your meetings.For my services a commission is being charged. For this purpose you will receive a proper invoice.

I am working discreet, fast and dependable. I expect the same commitment on your part. If you are already in possession of escort/model-photos and own the rights of these pictures, then perhaps we might use these pictures for your Sedcard. For a stylish presentation of my orderer I am in need of neat photos, fitting very well to the overall presentation. If you do not have suitable photos, then PLE will gladly mediate a professional photo shooting.

I am happy to agree upon a personal encounter in my home town (North Rhine-Westphalia). As an escort you will have to travel from time to time, therefore this should not be a problem in itself, but if should be of importance for yourself, even if you have to travel a longer distance. :).

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What our customers say

Thanks to Elena the Dirty Talk Queen from germany. We had a wonderful time!!