Please take some time to read our FAQs thoroughly, thank you.

What does Passion Luxus Escort stand for?

For us as an agency it is very important to only list ladies that are committed to the escort business with all their heart. We merely act as an agent for those ladies. We promise to only arrange real escort dates, meaning true companionship and passion. For exactly this reason encounters of less than two hours will not be agreed to.

This agency and the escort business in general are about pleasure being able to let go and not just about the show. Therefore we do not accept ladies whose only goal is to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible – and likewise we reject customers that only want the service.

When should a meeting be arranged?

Since all ladies have to synchronize their escort appointments with their career or their studies, we kindly ask you to announce your desired dates as timely as possible.

Where can a meeting take place?

The ladies will very gladly meet you in a beautiful hotel of your choice. Whether luxurious, cozy or romantic, there is no minimum (star-)rating, but of course the hotel should meet certain standards and have a pleasant atmosphere.

If you own a house, or business appartment in Germany (in other countries first date must be in a hotel, if you know one of our ladies already - a home visit is also in your country possible)- and prefer a home visit - its also possible - the ladies are not visitable

How long should a date be?

It is on you to decide how long you desire the lady´s company for. On every lady´s individual online profile you will find information regarding the minimum booking time and her fees.

First contact with Passion Luxus Escort & what particular do I need to give?

The first contact should be made via email. Please do not send a short email without any significant information regarding your persona, it is very important for us to get a good and detailed first impression of you. This way we can advise you more efficiently.

Our ladies' safety is vital, hence it is indispensable that you provide us with your full name, a phone number under which we can reach you as well as name and address of your hotel. If the given name does not match the one under which you registered at the hotel, the meeting will not take place. There have been fake requests in the past and we need to be able to guarantee the safety of our ladies. We can assure you, that your personal information will be treated with great confidentiality.

Can I get to know the lady without making a binding booking?

If you plan on spending an entire holiday with one of our ladies, it is possible to meet her for dinner. Free meetings however are not possible.

Can I rely on discretion?

You can be absolutely certain that your data will be handled confidentially. Discretion is vital for both you and the accompanying lady. So make sure to respect the lady´s privacy.

What is to be considered at the lady´s arrival?

Sometimes the lady will arrive by car. Otherwise the ladies travel by train or plane, depending on where you want to meet the lady.

We ask you to deposit flight or train tickets at each airport or train station at least 24 hours before departure or to send them as an email attachment (online tickets).

Alternatively, when an appropriate payment is made in advance, we will book the tickets for you.

Since appointments can be cancelled by the gentlemen from time to time, we cannot become active in advance.

Transport costs for the way to and from the airport/hotel are added. Since these costs are difficult to calculate in advance, we charge a flat fee. Email us for more information.

Please ask about minimum booking periods for meetings outside Europe. Thank you.

During the meeting I realize the chemistry between me and the lady is not right ...

If at the very beginning of a date you come to the conclusion that the chemistry between you and the lady is just not right you can most definitely call the date off – in a polite manner.

Should this be in the lady´s hometown, no booking fees will be charged, but we do however generally ask you to reimburse the travel expenses for her. In case of a greater journey distance please contact us and we will find a solution together. Of course aborting a date is never pleasant for either side, but I urge you to never follow through with a date if it does not feel right. We expect the same from our ladies, for a disappointing meeting benefits neither you, nor the lady, nor the agency. Of course we all strive for the meeting to be as good as it can possibly be, but not everything is predictable.

And if I have to cancel the appointment at short notice?

In case of schedule changes or cancellations on your part, be sure to let us know in advance, i.e. at least 24 hours before the scheduled start of the date. Please understand that for late cancellations we charge 30 % of the agreed fee, in order to compensate the lady for her loss. Of course we always try to cancel hotel reservations free of charge, but this is not always possible. Therefore you will also be billed for travel expenses that have already incurred, such as flight tickets that cannot be cancelled any more.

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