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Escort Munich, München - Escort Isabella Interview

Escort Munich, München - Escort Isabella Interview

What attracted you to escorting? What is it about it that you particularly like?

Humorous story: At the time I wanted to try out a threesome together with my former amour. So we booked an escortlady and met her in a hotel. She enthused about her job as an escort and told me that I am predestined to do this. We had a lot of fun together and since then have become great friends. ;) But also in my earlier days, when I was much younger, I was magically drawn to this topic and somehow I knew back then that I would escorting someday. So now I am looking forward to my own escort-adventures with great expectations and excitement:).

What’s your occupation and what do you like to do the most in your job?

Studies of business and economics, sector of marketing – I find the mix of economics and creativity fascinating!

Talking about thrilling moments, erotic atmosphere....what comes first into your mind?

My spontaneous thoughts: Our eyes meet again and again, followed by a smile, I am able to notice the smell of your perfume while our hands just touch each other. During dinner you will notice red lipstick on my glass of wine. While we are enjoying our dessert, we take a look deep into the eyes of another and I slip out of my shoes and with my feet I am able to touch your legs ever so the taxi we are kissing each other passionately. Once we are in the lift you will notice that I don't wear panties, right behind us the door slams shut. OPEN END. By the way, this is just one of many possible scenarios ;)

Looking into the mirror; the feminine assets you like the most?

I often get compliments for my sensual lips, my firm bum and my perfect & natural boobs. I can concur to these opinions ;-)))

Do you enjoy travelling? Tell us a bit about the most interesting places you have visited and what places would you like to visit in the future?

I am blessed with a comparatively high energy level and love to be challenged physically as well as mentally – the converse also holds true, of course. Being an open-minded, communicative young lady I am keen to visit hip islands like Ibiza. I also love to get spoiled in small restaurants. Equally I enjoy city trips, as I am interested in exploring different cultures and cities. Now and then tasty food, wellness, relaxing on the beach and (of course) erotic sensuality, what's not to like? I love to be active and I love the adventure. Stimulation and inspiration are very important to me. I am open to visit many places. The Canary Islands, Southern France or Italy are favourites of mine. When do we start off? ;)

What gifts make you smile, be it a material present or something that carries sentimental value?

I would be delighted to get a typical souvenir of his country by a Gentleman from abroad...just like a Gentleman from Germany might bring something to nibble from his own region. For instance I love chocolate and look forward to spend a pleasant evening by your side!

One day off – your favourable activity?

I am an early bird and love to go jogging very early, when it is still quiet and cool outside and the sun is subtly glimmering in the morning dew. Afterwards I enjoy a rich, abundant breakfast...later a cycling tour along the river Isar with a stop in a beer garden. In the evening cooking, fresh & tasty.

Sports you enjoy?

I am very sporty, true to the motto “everyday a little sweat” ...jogging, cycling, swimming, workouts (fitness, yoga) are routine in my life. As a “water rat” I love to swim and to dive (albeit as yet without a diving license!) As a girl from Munich not to be able to go skiing is such a shame! Do you know a qualified instructor? ;)

Stranded on a lonely island – the things you wrap up?

You, of course. I am wearing a sun-frock – a glass of wine in our hand while we are sitting on the beach, watching the sunset.

Is there something crazy you would like to do?

I'd love to be in a Skyscraper, standing in front of the glass pane, watching the skyline of New York City, my hands on the glass pane and you are standing right behind me ;-)

Music you enjoy?

Music is very important to me! I like to listen to electro/house music for dancing and going to my personal limits in sports; apart from that I like jazz & classical music in a dignified atmosphere.

Your preferred clothing style?

Depending on the occasion...usually feminine, elegant, sexy. There is a fitting outfit in my wardrobe for every occasion: starting with a very elegant dress for a night at the opera through to some loose hippie-clothing for a festival-visit.

Do you have a favourite quotation?

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Mark Twain

Your favourite novels?

The Sandman (short story) by Hoffmann, an interesting book of the Dark romanticism-era.

Letter to His Father by Kafka, examines psychological aspects of a father-son conflict.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Süskind, odour is enormously important, especially the “Parfum natural” ;)

Your favourite Movies?

Basic Instinct

A beautiful mind


Finally, what do you want to tell about yourself to a Gentleman who is interested in meeting you?

Let's just enjoy our time together! Dating Isabella? She is looking forward to your inquiry.

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