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Escort Cologne Düsseldorf - Escortlady Clara Interview

Escort Cologne Düsseldorf - Escortlady Clara Interview

What attracted you to escorting? What is it about it that you particularly like?

The idea to escort was inspired by the wish to spend a great time with others. I like being with others, and I am able to say that I enjoy to make others happy. Furthermore an escape from everyday life and the idea to do things that have no room in my private sphere is very appealing.

What’s your occupation and what do you like to do the most in your job?

My occupation in the educational sector allows me to live out my streak of social activism. I would describe myself as a warm person; to work with other people is pretty important to me as I am able to draw much strength from it. Currently I also take a look at the skilled craft and trades because I love new challenges in life and feel that one should never remain static. Life is too short for boringness. :)

Talking about thrilling moments, erotic atmosphere....what comes first into your mind?

Eroticism has many aspects; sharing a laugh and teasing each other is very appealing to me. Thinking about a specific situation I envision a sightseeing tour during which we are able to become familiar with each other and begin to feel a crackling tension. Your hand around my waist, my head on your shoulder during a short boat journey. My hand on your chest while I am whispering in your ear. And finally, from above the beautiful panorama of the city offers a fascinating view at night while we begin to kiss each other passionately and eagerly return to your hotel room.

Looking into the mirror; the feminine assets you like the most?

Definitely my smile – I am looking forward to give you an example of my infectious laugh. Once I am playing with my hair, turn around and you are able to see my tasty bum you will have no other choice but let your hands go downhill and explore the territory between lower back and buttock cleavage. Btw, this area is one of my erogenous zones...

Do you enjoy travelling? Tell us a bit about the most interesting places you have visited and what places would you like to visit in the future?

On vacation I prefer to switch off completely and living by the motto “free your mind”. So I like a beach holiday, sunbathing, sand between my toes, swimming in the sea and snorkelling. But it also could be activity breaks, nature hikes, national parks, cable cars and so on. I am not committed to specific countries & places, as I like to experience different destinations every time anew. On colder days I love spa & wellness to recover and relax. When it comes to city trips, I enjoyed Amsterdam, Brussels, Hamburg, Barcelona and Paris. Cities that I would love to accompany you to are Vienna, Salzburg, Prague, Stockholm, Oslo or Lisbon. Do you have an alternative proposal?

What gifts make you smile, be it a material present or something that carries sentimental value?

A wonderful gift is your smile because this is worth a thousand words. When I look into your eyes and feel warm in the heart then I know that we are going to spend a wonderful lime with each other. I am a person who likes to make presents to others because I love to make others happy and make their eyes shine. By the way, you can make my eyes shine with giving me flowers, chocolate or fragrant cosmetics.

One day off – your favourable activity?

The perfect day off begins with an extended brunch with friends, I enjoy to take some time for valued friends of mine. It's not important where these reunions will take place whether it is in a cafe, in a park or somewhere along the river Rhine. Most important thing is that the conversation never runs dry. Furthermore I also enjoy to take time for myself – for instance when I exercise or when I lean back and get comfortable on the balcony with an audio book. Often it is about the little things in life that I take delight in. Therefore it doesn't take much to let me proclaim in the evening hours: This was a great day!

Sports you enjoy?

On the one hand I like challenging sport disciplines, one the other hand I also prefer those disciplines that build muscles. Therefore I tested a class of pole fitness and I have to say it's not only a great pleasure but a whole body training. In addition I like to swim, play badminton and visit the fitness centre. What I'd like to learn would be rock climbing or rather bouldering. Outdoors it would be the perfect activity.

Stranded on a lonely island – the things you wrap up?

On a lonely island the only things I need are a Man, who is going to light a romantic fire for us and willing to drink self-brewed tropical cocktails with me. And of course I didn't forget a fragrant oil to give a relaxing massage afterwards...

Music you enjoy?

Driving without music is like swimming without water. So If I am all alone under way, I tend to join in singing. this goes from Pop to RnB and Reggae. I am by no means picky when it comes to music and very open-minded towards different preferences and genres.

Your preferred clothing style?

My wardrobe is very multifaceted.From elegant to Depending on the occasion...usually feminine, elegant, sexy. There is a fitting outfit in my wardrobe for every occasion: starting with a very elegant dress for a night at the opera through to some loose hippie-clothing for a festival-visit.

Do you have a favourite quotation?

Being happy is a decision.

Your favourite novels?

Anna Gavalda – Ensemblem c'est tout

Patrick Süskind – Perfume

Jonathan Safran Foer – Eating animals

Your favourite Movies?

Forrest Gump



Pounds Finally, what do you want to tell about yourself to a Gentleman who is interested in meeting you?

I am looking forward to our meeting :) Dating Clara? She is looking forward to your inquiry.

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